Sunday, 29 December 2013


Most exciting news, I recently received a very exciting email saying I had been chosen as a RAW Directors favourite for this years RAWWARDs. 

The 2nd Annual RAWards Australia Ceremony & Showcase on Friday, 10th January in Brisbane.

I will be show casing along side some of the best of RAW.
It would honestly mean the world to me to have some familiar faces come along that night. 
If you've never been to a RAW show or even if you have this one is not to miss!

Featuring 50+ indie artists across nine categories, as well as our nine national RAWards Australia 2013 winners, it's set to be the biggest RAW showcase that Australia has ever seen!

For every one who buys a ticket in support of miss nikki I'll have a lil print for you waiting on the night just come say hi! If you can not make it but would still like to support you can buy a ticket and I'll still send you a print in the old snail mail.


Here is a little  peak of what went on with RAW: expressions earlier this year.

sorry for the pixelated images I could only find the ones 
on facebook will swap with better quality ones when I find them on my macbook.

2013 Outfit round up!

With the year coming to a end I've not had too much time to blog sadly, but that will all change very soon. I thought a nice way to finish the end of year would be a lil outfit round up for 2013 of some of my personal favourites.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

QUICK! This way cutie!

Hey lovelies, I know how crazy the festive season can be and I'm sorry for not posting as regular as I usually do but i'll be back on schedule asap! Today I thought i'd post a lil look into how I created one of my pieces. This one luckily did not go through that horrible stage of what colour scheme should I do and i knew from the start where I wanted to go. It was fun setting up a lil scene and I must do this more often. Let's have a lil lookie and I'll be back super soon with new posts.

And walah! The final product.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Supanova 2013: PART THREE

So this is my final post on Supanova 2013! Sorry about how long it's taken for me to post these posts a lot has changed in my personal life and work life but looking forward to a positive end of 2013 non the less. So for the third day I was the Scarlet Witch Magento's Daughter for people who is unfamiliar. She is such an amazing character and I was so excited to cosplay her. After a lot of trouble with bits for cosplay I was beyond happy it came together so great, here are some photos from the day I'm looking forward to next Aprils Supanova and cosplaying again.  

With Rogue, We should of been fighting hehe.

On the throne.

Photo by George Wong, Amazing Photographer.

It's crazy what a costume can do to your confidence
 I felt amazing.