Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2016 // Goal Digger

With 2015 well and truly coming to a close, I decided I would make some goals for 2016.
Now some people may think it's silly to make new years resolutions or new years goals. I think it's wonderful, what better than the feeling of starting something fresh and new years really provides that possibility. So if someone tells you they have a new years resolution don't put them down bring them up it's wonderful to strive for something better. So with that all said Miss Nikki's goals for 2016 are
  • Do something that scares me.
  • Draw, draw, draw & DRAWWWW even when you hate what you're doing draw.
  • Throw myself into my tattoo apprenticeship, don't be scared you'll be great.
  • Do the full splits & practice stretching more. (you're so close now you can do it!!)
  • Drive your jellybean on amazing adventures.
  • Blog more. I'm sad I did not get to look back at 2015 via my blog.
  • Get back into cosplay & make that new one you've been planning to do!
  • Kiss more, fall in love more. (super easy one!)
  • Be kinder to yourself. 
  • Rest.
I'm sure theres a million more things i'd love to do but this is a good start.


Monday, 28 December 2015

LIFE SWEETS // Bikki & Bento Anniversary.

Two years ago on Christmas eve I met Ben, little did I know after that first magical date
I would of found a man who'll change my whole life.
The way I see things, the way I go about things.
He is honestly one of the best things to come into my life and I'm so grateful every day That I get to be in love with my best friend. We go to the same restaurant for the past three christmas eves and had an adventure date full of different activities. Bowling, garden walks, mount cootha look out kisses. I'm a lucky lady that's for sure. 

For our anniversary last year I made a photo book to look back at our first year together & This year I did the same and I called it Bento & Bikki volume two (our nicknames for each other)

 First page of the book sums up everything perfectly

I Also framed some of my favourite photos of the val I have taken
I love how they look with the selfie of us two between them.

To sum it up, it was such a magical start to the festive season. 
I'm one lucky lady. 
Love you bento!


Monday, 21 December 2015

2015 outfit roundup!

Oh what a year it has been & since I was having a little break from blogging here is all my favourite outfits from 2015! I love clothes, a little too much sometimes. It's fun to try different styles & keep things interesting. So let's start from the well start of course hehe.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

 ♥ Sailor mini moon dress & Cardi  

 ♥ Wheels & dollbaby Dita cardigan & Freddies of pinewood overalls.  

  A lil bit of lolita.  
(wish I could wear it more often but the summer heat stops me super sad face)
Angelic Pretty, Honey Cake print.

 ♥ Revival Dress  

 ♥ Vintage overall dress  

 ♥ pink dress & pink cowgirl boots  
Probably my favourite outfit from 2015!

 ♥ Oh dita cardigans, you beautiful things you!  

 ♥ Marlies Dekkers Bra & candy dress  

 ♥ wheels & dollbaby dinner with him dress  

 ♥ Lobster sweater & Pencil skirt  

 ♥ Pink cardi, Sideshow dress & Mel shoes  

 ♥ Peach Dita cardigan & Pencil skirt  

 ♥ Lobster dress & faux fur trimmed coat  

 ♥ Atomic swag tee & pin up girl clothing skirt  

 ♥ I basically became the queen of tshirt dresses this year. ♥ 

♥ Pinup girls clothing Aurora dress ♥ 

& that's a wrap! I have a lot of fun with clothes
and looking forward to 2016's outfits!

ps. loving blogging again, feels good to be back! 


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

ADVENTURE // road trip

In October, the light of my life & I traveled from Brisbane Down to Chopped. 
(previous post full of chopped pictures)

We took our time and took two weeks doing 5 or so hours each day and stopping to enjoy the scenery as we went a long the way. Getting to hang out with your best friend for two weeks straight is amazing and we really learnt a lot more about each other and fell in love more which is the best feeling. I saw parts of Australia I had never seen, fields of flowers, beautiful rivers, long roads and empty buildings.  Ben took me to the town he grew up in and took me on a date to the movies which was so beautiful inside (we even got an upgrade to extra large popcorn because he knew the man working hehe). Spent a day in Melbourne and used the old photobooth at the train station. Ben and I are already talking about our next trip.This post will be image heavy so I hope you enjoy the lil look inside my favourite holiday so far.  

& if you got through them all, THAT'S A WRAP!


Monday, 9 November 2015


I went on the greatest adventure this lil lady has ever been on.
 I went across the country with my bento made some of the most amazing memories along the way. Saw things I had never seen and laughed so much my stomach hurt. I think it's best if I split this two week adventure into two or this post would go on for a long time, this post is just of chopped and one will be of the trip itself.

Chopped is a 3 day hot rod and custom event, where you get to camp next to the track, live bands play and you basically make a million new friends. Of course like any event with over 8 thousand people at there was a negative side to it but I don't wish to speak of it on my blog which is for my happy memories mainly.  Let's hope they fix the downsides next year!

Also, the food, the food was soooooooo yummy!

Ben Pinstriping, and magically fireworks went off.

At night time this shoot flames! (so freaking cool)

While packing up lil reminder of our chopped together.

See ya' later chopped it was fun! Until next year!