Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2016 // Goal Digger

With 2015 well and truly coming to a close, I decided I would make some goals for 2016.
Now some people may think it's silly to make new years resolutions or new years goals. I think it's wonderful, what better than the feeling of starting something fresh and new years really provides that possibility. So if someone tells you they have a new years resolution don't put them down bring them up it's wonderful to strive for something better. So with that all said Miss Nikki's goals for 2016 are
  • Do something that scares me.
  • Draw, draw, draw & DRAWWWW even when you hate what you're doing draw.
  • Throw myself into my tattoo apprenticeship, don't be scared you'll be great.
  • Do the full splits & practice stretching more. (you're so close now you can do it!!)
  • Drive your jellybean on amazing adventures.
  • Blog more. I'm sad I did not get to look back at 2015 via my blog.
  • Get back into cosplay & make that new one you've been planning to do!
  • Kiss more, fall in love more. (super easy one!)
  • Be kinder to yourself. 
  • Rest.
I'm sure theres a million more things i'd love to do but this is a good start.


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