Monday, 24 February 2014

Hipbones and heartbreak

I get to work with very talented and wonderful people, and the amazing Angie is one of them. I recently designed her blog layout. She sent me a inspiration picture to use for colour scheme Picture below it's from Meadham Kirchhoff spring summer 2012 collection and told me BOLD and let me run with it. I Looked up other Kirchhoff runway images to help inspire me. Angie is literally the biggest sweetheart and one of the most talented ladies to come out of Australia. She had nothing but sweet words to say about my work, and I'll soon be featured on her blog (biggest fan girl moment ever!) so make sure to check it out when it's up and running.

Credit to: Meadham Kirchhoff 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

RAW : Byron.

Miss Nikki went down south! Squeee! Road trip! I was asked by Raw Byron bay to showcase at their opening show for the year awakening. Raw is such a wonderful family to be apart of, the things they do for artists is amazing I could not be more proud to be called an Raw alumni. We arrived around 3pm there time after being stuck in traffic for a long time due to a accident, Luckily we found out everyone was okay. As we got there and I was setting up, fixing the frame on my new piece the glass cracks, this is my main piece my heart sinks. Luckily me being miss positive thinks oh well and removes all the glass and I still hang it up ( still looked adorable!). It was very different to Brisbane Raw's which I think is great, it's nice to experience new things especially as a artist who has only ever showcased in Brisbane. I met so many wonderful people and saw some familiar Brizzy faces. When the the photos of the night are released I'll do another post and show you cuties what Byron was made of! till then here are my happy snaps from the day.

Cheeky chicky Chippies!

Here is a quick lil video off of my instagram of my display.

I have a very huge space in my heart for hand painted type signs.

 I adored the colour schemes on these walls.

My boy wore a matching outfit! seriously how cute is he!

Scarf/ Necklace/ Bracelet : Vintage | Earrings : Lucy Luxxe 
Dress: Hell Bunny | Shoes: Target

Monday, 17 February 2014

Saturday Afternoon cruise.

Hey cutie pies! This past weekend was so much fun, I had a very wonderful valentines day we went out for thai food and wore the napkins as crowns pretending to be ice king. It's wonderful having someone you can be silly with and not have them wonder who is watching. On the warm saturday we got dressed up and went for a cruise with a group of old cars from movie world down to tweed heads. It ended up at revs and rockabilly, but we made dinner plans so followed onto that. Mexican food and a very strong margarita later finished off with ice cream.
Can honestly say I've been enjoying life and making real adventures. 

Been so busy lately so thank you all for being so patient with me, but after the huge rush of commissions for valentines and RAW byron show I will be back to my regular posting! lots of cute outfits to show you, in the mean time make sure to 
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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tummies full of chocolates noses full of roses.

So we all know when the chocolates go on special and the roses double in price it's Valentines! I personally love valentines day, I enjoy corny and lame things so  much. I think it's not how much you spend on your lover but how much you show you care and this does not mean you can't do this any time of the year but it's nice to have a special day full of love. I saw quite a few acts of gooeyness this year around the city and it made me so happy.  In saying all this, I was apart of quite a few valentines this year through my special offer. I loved hearing all the stories the day after of how much they loved it seriously makes my job even better hearing they loved their gift! Please know I do these sort of commissions year round,  they are great for birthdays or just as pieces in your lounge.

Here are a few of the cuties, I'll end up posting more later on so keep your eyes peeled. The first few images are a lil "behind the scenes" view of my process. I just love seeing other artists works in progress shots so thought you might enjoy seeing mine.

And now the finished illustrations!

Thursday, 6 February 2014


Last christmas eve, I went on a first date. It was like a mini adventure jammed pack with mini dates inside. From that day I've had this wonderful gentleman in my life. So of course, being the lame little ball of corny I am  I drew us and exhibited the illustration at RAWards. It says I think you're spectacular, because we both get to be four eyes.


It's so wonderful to be a happy lil lady.