Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tummies full of chocolates noses full of roses.

So we all know when the chocolates go on special and the roses double in price it's Valentines! I personally love valentines day, I enjoy corny and lame things so  much. I think it's not how much you spend on your lover but how much you show you care and this does not mean you can't do this any time of the year but it's nice to have a special day full of love. I saw quite a few acts of gooeyness this year around the city and it made me so happy.  In saying all this, I was apart of quite a few valentines this year through my special offer. I loved hearing all the stories the day after of how much they loved it seriously makes my job even better hearing they loved their gift! Please know I do these sort of commissions year round,  they are great for birthdays or just as pieces in your lounge.

Here are a few of the cuties, I'll end up posting more later on so keep your eyes peeled. The first few images are a lil "behind the scenes" view of my process. I just love seeing other artists works in progress shots so thought you might enjoy seeing mine.

And now the finished illustrations!

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  1. These are so good!!!!! You're such a talented little lady!