Monday, 31 March 2014

Life sweets: Glow Worms.

Mini storm in the distance. 

Both my mumma bears and daddios birthdays are in march and only a few days apart.
So this year we put them together for a Glow worm day out extravaganza! up on mt Tambourine there is a man made glow worm cave. My lovely partner, My brother and his lovely partner, mumma and daddio all went up the mountain and went through the caves. Followed by a delicious lunch in the park and a cake Ben and I made the night before.

There nothing like family fun and laughing and making silly memories and it's days like this that make everything that seems tough in life seem trivial. 

I have very sensitive eyes and sadly the sun was to much for them this day hehe so much squinting. 

The man made glow worm cave.

inside before we went through the glow worm section, the worms are far to sensitive for cameras so no photos of them.

The lake next to the cave was so beautiful.

Forever being weirdos together.

My hair piece by pop! That cassette, will have a blog post up soon about my new pieces by her.

Dress & Brooch detail.

Hair piece: pop! That cassette // Earrings & Brooch: Lucy Luxxe
Dress : Hell Bunny // Shoes : Target

My brother & I in what has to be my favourite photo of us.

Group shot, Without my cutie sadly.

On our way back down the mountain.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Life adventure : Drive and Jive.

Last saturday night at the Yatala drive in was Drive and Jive. Sadly There was no jiving to be had but quite a few nice cars did make an appearance! We got there just after 3:30pm and made our rounds around the cars and people. My boys current project is a pick up so of course we have a peek at the pick ups! I really love the ford pickup. Need for speed was the first movie, and to my surprise was actually one of the best movies this season I have seen I was really diggin it. The new 300 movie was on after for the double feature and was okay, I feel the storyline was not as strong as need for speed. But all in all my boy and I had a wonderful night. NOW FOR THE CARS.

I feel anytime for us to match is a wonderful time.

My Boy designed our club shirts! 

Shirt : Car Club Shirt // Jeans : Jay jays
Shoes : Target

Monday, 24 March 2014

OOTD: Wish upon a dapper day.

In the past few weeks I've noticed on instagram and blogs some of you cuties going to dapper day at Disneyland. First of can I say how dare you! but seriously, this lil lady down here in OZ is very much feeling like she is missing out, so to fill this void (even if only slightly fill it) in my heart I decided to come up with what i'd wear if I was able to go to Dapper Day this year. One of my life long dreams is to go to Disneyland, I hope to fulfil this dream next year once I finish my degree. One of my friends went a few years ago and brought me back these beautiful minnie ears. So until then I will play pretend.

(Eddie decided to roll around my feet)

Ears : Disneyland // Neck scarf : Vintage
Glasses : Dead Stock vintage // Earrings : vintage
Dress : Revival // Shoes : Rubi Shoes

The shoes are for maximum practically plus cuteness!

In other news, I've been such a busy lil lady and I apologise for a lil bit behind in my regular blogging but have so many new projects I can not wait to share with you plus life adventures! So stay tuned!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Kustom Krafts: Vintage Markets.

I recenetly was lucky enough to work with the wonderful ladies behind Kustom Krafts to create this wonderful flyer for their up coming events at westfield shopping center! Was such a fun flyer to create, I'll even be there selling some cute things on the day so make sure to say hi!

I'll post more about what I'll have for sale as we get closer and some of the things get together.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hot DAWG! : New tattoo.

So on saturday, Myself and Ben made it down to Trailer trash Tattoo and the wonderful Cass put this lil hotdog kewpie on there for me. It's Ekka themed seeing as I have a massive love affair with the ekka. Seriously how cute is he?

Monday, 3 March 2014

Summer // February roundup.

As summer comes to an end and Autumn finally shines it's orange hues my way, I can not be more happier. Here are some things I'm happy for.

Weekend Cruises with my sweetheart //
Playing fatboys and driving down to the lake or off to the drive in gas been some of my loveliest memories from this summer. Have been looking at old cars and I'm proud to say I'll have my own soon enough! then maybe he can take the photos hehe. We're also apart of a car club which is super fun! will do a post when we get our shirts.

Trying to get back to my roots //
Trying to sketch a lot more and planning new projects, Like painting a metal esky once it's been metal flaked in the up coming weekends, will post photos of the process of course.

RAW //
Being asked to showcase at RAWards 2013 and then being asked to travel down to Byron bay to showcase at the opening show for their season was such an honour.

Final Year of my degree //
Even though it's going to be a tough year, I'm looking forward to finishing off my degree and study for the foreseen future, I've been studying for 5 years full time since high school with no break so I'm very excited to finish and to go into the industry I love and work my butt off to be apart of.

My amazing clients //
Some of the most wonderful clients I've ever had worked with me this past summer, I can't wait till I'm able to share a lot of them with you. I'm very lucky I get to work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer with such wonderful people. Here to another season bringing your dreams to life.