Thursday, 27 March 2014

Life adventure : Drive and Jive.

Last saturday night at the Yatala drive in was Drive and Jive. Sadly There was no jiving to be had but quite a few nice cars did make an appearance! We got there just after 3:30pm and made our rounds around the cars and people. My boys current project is a pick up so of course we have a peek at the pick ups! I really love the ford pickup. Need for speed was the first movie, and to my surprise was actually one of the best movies this season I have seen I was really diggin it. The new 300 movie was on after for the double feature and was okay, I feel the storyline was not as strong as need for speed. But all in all my boy and I had a wonderful night. NOW FOR THE CARS.

I feel anytime for us to match is a wonderful time.

My Boy designed our club shirts! 

Shirt : Car Club Shirt // Jeans : Jay jays
Shoes : Target

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