Monday, 31 March 2014

Life sweets: Glow Worms.

Mini storm in the distance. 

Both my mumma bears and daddios birthdays are in march and only a few days apart.
So this year we put them together for a Glow worm day out extravaganza! up on mt Tambourine there is a man made glow worm cave. My lovely partner, My brother and his lovely partner, mumma and daddio all went up the mountain and went through the caves. Followed by a delicious lunch in the park and a cake Ben and I made the night before.

There nothing like family fun and laughing and making silly memories and it's days like this that make everything that seems tough in life seem trivial. 

I have very sensitive eyes and sadly the sun was to much for them this day hehe so much squinting. 

The man made glow worm cave.

inside before we went through the glow worm section, the worms are far to sensitive for cameras so no photos of them.

The lake next to the cave was so beautiful.

Forever being weirdos together.

My hair piece by pop! That cassette, will have a blog post up soon about my new pieces by her.

Dress & Brooch detail.

Hair piece: pop! That cassette // Earrings & Brooch: Lucy Luxxe
Dress : Hell Bunny // Shoes : Target

My brother & I in what has to be my favourite photo of us.

Group shot, Without my cutie sadly.

On our way back down the mountain.

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  1. These are great pictures!! Sounds like you had a blast :)
    I love that flamingo dress so much. I've been wanting it for awhile now. Hell Bunny is a great brand.