Saturday, 28 September 2013

The diary of a magical girl.

Good evening sweet things, this week I've been such a busy little bee lady. I finished a blog header and side bar for one of the loveliest and sweetest ladies I know Rhiannon. I'm so excited for her to start blogging so i can read her posts hehe. Rhiannon and I talk about Japan and lolita a lot of the time so when discussing the details for her banner I had some great visuals in mind. I had so much fun with this.

Rhi posted such a lovely blog post about with only the sweetest words to say about working with me, This is my favourite part about being a freelance illustrator is my super sweet clients with the most fun ideas making my job a dream come true.

Here is some of the lovely things she said about me,

"During the design process she asked about every single detail you see in my header, icon & side bar titles. Nikki was so helpful, and such a pleasure to work with. She exceeded my expectations, and I am completely over the moon with the result!"

Can read the full blogpost here
& here blog is here

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Built for one, But a lot of fun!

(A little type I was working on a while back.)

A little blogpost on my new found love for bicycles mainly my new pink one!

So today I was gifted my first ever cruiser bicycle from my Daddio and oh I'm in love, from it's shiny pink finish to it's super cute fenders I had the largest heart eyes ever! I went on my first ride and when I got home I almost passed out, bicycling a single gear bike is tough that's for sure but my thighs were loving it. I can see myself this summer going on rides and adventures around brisbane. I'm hoping to take my slr on these adventures. I'm also hoping some of my friends will join in on this and join me in exploring. But heres my first solo adventure feature dorky Miss Nikki in hello kitty vans. 

So this is my new baby! I'm still thinking on a name for  her.

Isn't she super dreamy? Of course i got a pink helmet to match and I've spent most of the night looking up super cute things I can get for her, like a new cute bell, a wicker basket for snacks and anything else that makes me melt when looking at it.

Have a little look at the cuties I found I know I'll be getting some of these.

Other cute things. // 1 // na // 2 // 4//
Bells.                   // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4//
Baskets.               // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4//

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Happy 20th Connie!

I honestly have the best clients, here a sweet lady commissioned me for a illustration for her boys 20th birthday! (I love birthdays!) It was Totoro themed so I had a lot of fun with this being a huge studio Ghibli fan. I've started to play with colour a lot more and it's so exciting to try new colour schemes.
Loot at the cute little soot sprites.

A little more shakin and baken with Naomi.

The forever lovely Naomi of  Naomi's Shaken and Baken commissioned me once again to draw a lovely cupcake sassy lady for her business facebook page. Naomi is such a joy to work with so I was very happy to team up with her again.