Monday, 23 June 2014

Adventure // Meeting Tess Munster.

Mimsy from Trailer trash tattoo studio, recently held a meet and greet for the wonderful and inspiring Tess Munster. Tess is the lady behind "eff your beauty standards" bringing in a new era of body acceptance. In a world where girls and women of all age, shape, race and social standing are told they are not good enough on the base reason that some companies can sell you products you don't really need we need a role model and a movement that will help lil girls and grown women know their body is nothing to be ashamed of. 

So I took this wonderful lady a illustration I did of her and lil packet of twinkleite my mumma bear & I have been working on. It was a wonderful lil meet and greet full of cupcakes, tea and cute photos.

Mumma, Tess & I

Mysely and the wonderful lady Mimsy, She has been my tattooist since I've been of age to get tattoos. She is the most inspiring and humble lady and It's a pleasure to be tattooed by her.

Hair piece : Pop That Cassette // Brooch : Twinklite
Cardigan & Dress : Vintage // Shoes : Target

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Commission // Kustom Krafts.

I've been a stall holder of the wonderful Kustom Kraft Markets for a while now, It's very unique in it's kind. Imagine 35+ stalls of amazing vintage goodness it's so hard for me to not run around and buy all the goodies! I've been working with Kat on the flyers since I became a stall holder, shes such a fun client and friend. The markets are being held at Strathpine Westfield on the July 6th as well as the Helensvale Westfield on August 24th. So make sure you save all your pennies and come on down for the day there will be vintage cars, dancing and food what is there not to love?

oh and I'll be there as well hehe.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Commission // Engagement Kimberley & Lachlan.

I'm one of these mushy people who loves weddings, valentines day and just love in general. Something that also tickles my fancy is invites so of course when I was asked by the sweetest and cutest couple ever Kimberley & Lachlan to design the invites to their engagement party I was so happy and said yes. 

I illustrated the wonderful bride to be and Groom to be for the front of the invites.
I used a wonderful colour scheme of yummy browns, soft rose, faint pink and a minty green.
These colours played wonderful role in the invites. I used an collection of different typefaces which is always a lot of fun.

No matter what you need invites for birthdays, weddings, house warming or even a summer bbq I'm your lil lady.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Commission // Thrifty Car Rentals.

Sometimes in a lil lady designers life you have to pinch yourself with some of the exciting clients you get to work with. I was contacted by Thrifty car rental on the Gold Coast to design the flyer and logo for their shirts ( sadly did not get a picture of the wonderful ladies in the shirts) for their new beach buggies range. Seriously how flippin cute are these guys? 

For this flyer I used the original thrifty logo colour scheme and went from there, it was such a fun piece to design.

Of course I had to get a photo with the buggie, I was so excited hehe.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Commission // Made By Munster!

A wonderful part of my job as a designer and illustrator is creating wonderful creation for wonderful amazing talented people! and Shannon, is one of the most wonderful people I've been lucky enough to know. She is inspiring and I believe her wonderful new business venture is going to be a success, Badass vests with mottos to knock back the creeps of the world? Ummm yes please!


For her logo design, I went with a colour scheme of pinks and purples because you know what they are feminine but badass! with little details such as a don't touch tattoo and earrings that say back off ( which is a saying you can get on a vest)

Make sure to like her wonderful Facebook page.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Adventure // Cooly Rocks on!

I seem to spend a lot of my weekends down on the gold coast, and who wouldn't want to? It's beautiful the weather, the scenery the people! This weekend was Cooly Rocks on, a week long nostalgia festival. I was only able to pop down on the sunday for a peek due to joys of the flu. There where stages with bands, all types of stalls I was a very good lady and did not buy anything ( I'm trying to do a No buying of clothes June) We finished our little view with a milkshake and a walk back along the board walk.

Ran into my Mumma Bear, Isn't she the most stylish mumma ever?

I love all the little details, it really makes the designer in me squeal.

Pick Ups doors collection getting bigger.

Forever taking creepy pictures of my boyfriend.

Not a show without a picture of me with a car.

Hair Scarf : Vintage // Earrings : Twinklite
Top : Kitten D'amour // Pants : Deadly Dames
Shoes : Target

Lil Chub Club Leader!