Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Adventure // Cooly Rocks on!

I seem to spend a lot of my weekends down on the gold coast, and who wouldn't want to? It's beautiful the weather, the scenery the people! This weekend was Cooly Rocks on, a week long nostalgia festival. I was only able to pop down on the sunday for a peek due to joys of the flu. There where stages with bands, all types of stalls I was a very good lady and did not buy anything ( I'm trying to do a No buying of clothes June) We finished our little view with a milkshake and a walk back along the board walk.

Ran into my Mumma Bear, Isn't she the most stylish mumma ever?

I love all the little details, it really makes the designer in me squeal.

Pick Ups doors collection getting bigger.

Forever taking creepy pictures of my boyfriend.

Not a show without a picture of me with a car.

Hair Scarf : Vintage // Earrings : Twinklite
Top : Kitten D'amour // Pants : Deadly Dames
Shoes : Target

Lil Chub Club Leader!

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