Monday, 23 June 2014

Adventure // Meeting Tess Munster.

Mimsy from Trailer trash tattoo studio, recently held a meet and greet for the wonderful and inspiring Tess Munster. Tess is the lady behind "eff your beauty standards" bringing in a new era of body acceptance. In a world where girls and women of all age, shape, race and social standing are told they are not good enough on the base reason that some companies can sell you products you don't really need we need a role model and a movement that will help lil girls and grown women know their body is nothing to be ashamed of. 

So I took this wonderful lady a illustration I did of her and lil packet of twinkleite my mumma bear & I have been working on. It was a wonderful lil meet and greet full of cupcakes, tea and cute photos.

Mumma, Tess & I

Mysely and the wonderful lady Mimsy, She has been my tattooist since I've been of age to get tattoos. She is the most inspiring and humble lady and It's a pleasure to be tattooed by her.

Hair piece : Pop That Cassette // Brooch : Twinklite
Cardigan & Dress : Vintage // Shoes : Target

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