Monday, 8 August 2016

SWEET THINGS (sort of ) x mum & I

My mum and I recently traveled down south to go to our aunties funeral, funerals are a strange time you morn for the loss, you celebrate the life they led to try and find some closure.  On the way back we decided to go for a nice drive through the country, my beautiful mother and I took some wonderful photos of each other and I was so excited to share. 

 Not much more to say, until next time xo


Thursday, 9 June 2016

STYLE : lady dates

Lately, I'm not sure if its the winter setting in or my mind growing I feel like i've dropped a layer of either self doubt or confidence and it's so confusing. I've been mending friendships which mean the world to me, I let them slip away. This took a lot for me, to overcome my inner thoughts and be like Nikki just do the thing. And i'm so happy for this, good friendships make shitty days, weeks, months just better. Getting through the crap with people is so much better than alone. 

So to round that up, I went and had dinner with one of my closest friends and caught up on everything that'd been going on.  I've really been learning to grow as a person.
I know growing can be scary, but it's also needed to be the best person I can be.

on other note, cardigan and dresses look like you put so much effort into it, but secretly you didn't.

 Cardigan : Princess Highway // Dress : Dangerfield
Scarf : Vintage // Brooch : Pop That Cassette 
Shoes : Crocs.

Also really trying to get into a a groove to post a lot more, I really do love blogging.
Stay tuned!


Sunday, 3 April 2016

LIFE SWEETS // mumma bears birthday

Celebrated my mumma bears birthday at the end of last month, She is so beautiful inside and out. She's my best friend and my idol so of course I wanted her special day to be amazing, so i took the Saturday off work and We went to mt tambourines botanical gardens. Had a beautiful lunch with my family followed by a walk around the gardens. It was amazing, it was the first sign that the cooler months are coming, the rain was lingering in the air until it bursted down from the cloud during our walk. of course that didn't stop us we walked around in the rain taking shelter under little walkways when it got heavy. It's so beautiful up there and Mumma really enjoyed herself which was the main goal. 

SCARF: vintage // DRESS : dangerfield
BROOCH : ersterwilder // SHOES : crocs


Sunday, 20 March 2016

LIFE SWEETS // ♥ melanie martinez meet & greet ♥

Early last month I was jumping up and down because Melanie Martinez was doing a little meet & greet and was going to play a few songs in the queen st mall, in Brisbanes CBD. My lovely Ben came along as he was the one who introduced me to Mealines music (on our first date actually ). So we drove to the station & caught the train in, after  a long wait in 38 degree heat she played three songs and then we all lined up to meet her, the line went on forever and I was lucky enough to get in before they had to stop as they ran out of time. I recently did a flash sheet themed to her new album (which I loved and have listen to so much) and showed her, so nervous lil me hands over my drawings and Melanie tells me how amazing they are and literally made my day! Haha it's so funny how you can get so nervous to show your art to the person who inspired it. I wonder if thats how they feel about their music. All in all it was a wonderful day with Ben, having a lunch date and enjoying Brisbane. 

Headscarf : Vintage // Dress : Dangerfield
Shoes: Crocs // Earrings : Lucy Luxxe

♥ My love & I 

♥ My tattoo flash 

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Life sweets // Tattoo apprenticeship

It's crazy to think it's been a year since I started my tattoo apprenticeship at the painted lady. It all started like a dream come true and honestly hasn't stopped being amazing  since then. It's been hard work don't get me wrong, long weeks specially last year when I was completing my degree and my internship as well as my apprenticeship but I got through it all. I'm addicted to learning it seems and my apprenticeship I've learnt so much, not just about tattooing, but how to run a shop, how to deal with clients but mainly how to fall in love with your job. I work with the most amazing bunch of talented and wonderful women it helps me strive to be the best I can be. I'm so excited to grow more, try new experiences related to this and to start tattooing this year and really let the fun, and learning begin! This year I'll go to my first tattoo convention with a studio, when I was 14 i dragged my parents to a local convention and was in awe the entire time, thinking one day this will be me!  Thanks to my family & friends and all my supporters I'm looking forward to creating permanent art on you all so soon! 

Here I am tattooing an orange!

Things i've learnt, fake skin is nothing like real skin and will slowly hurt your soul.

Some of my flash designs I've been working on in the past few months.