Thursday, 9 June 2016

STYLE : lady dates

Lately, I'm not sure if its the winter setting in or my mind growing I feel like i've dropped a layer of either self doubt or confidence and it's so confusing. I've been mending friendships which mean the world to me, I let them slip away. This took a lot for me, to overcome my inner thoughts and be like Nikki just do the thing. And i'm so happy for this, good friendships make shitty days, weeks, months just better. Getting through the crap with people is so much better than alone. 

So to round that up, I went and had dinner with one of my closest friends and caught up on everything that'd been going on.  I've really been learning to grow as a person.
I know growing can be scary, but it's also needed to be the best person I can be.

on other note, cardigan and dresses look like you put so much effort into it, but secretly you didn't.

 Cardigan : Princess Highway // Dress : Dangerfield
Scarf : Vintage // Brooch : Pop That Cassette 
Shoes : Crocs.

Also really trying to get into a a groove to post a lot more, I really do love blogging.
Stay tuned!


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