Sunday, 20 March 2016

LIFE SWEETS // ♥ melanie martinez meet & greet ♥

Early last month I was jumping up and down because Melanie Martinez was doing a little meet & greet and was going to play a few songs in the queen st mall, in Brisbanes CBD. My lovely Ben came along as he was the one who introduced me to Mealines music (on our first date actually ). So we drove to the station & caught the train in, after  a long wait in 38 degree heat she played three songs and then we all lined up to meet her, the line went on forever and I was lucky enough to get in before they had to stop as they ran out of time. I recently did a flash sheet themed to her new album (which I loved and have listen to so much) and showed her, so nervous lil me hands over my drawings and Melanie tells me how amazing they are and literally made my day! Haha it's so funny how you can get so nervous to show your art to the person who inspired it. I wonder if thats how they feel about their music. All in all it was a wonderful day with Ben, having a lunch date and enjoying Brisbane. 

Headscarf : Vintage // Dress : Dangerfield
Shoes: Crocs // Earrings : Lucy Luxxe

♥ My love & I 

♥ My tattoo flash 

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