Monday, 24 March 2014

OOTD: Wish upon a dapper day.

In the past few weeks I've noticed on instagram and blogs some of you cuties going to dapper day at Disneyland. First of can I say how dare you! but seriously, this lil lady down here in OZ is very much feeling like she is missing out, so to fill this void (even if only slightly fill it) in my heart I decided to come up with what i'd wear if I was able to go to Dapper Day this year. One of my life long dreams is to go to Disneyland, I hope to fulfil this dream next year once I finish my degree. One of my friends went a few years ago and brought me back these beautiful minnie ears. So until then I will play pretend.

(Eddie decided to roll around my feet)

Ears : Disneyland // Neck scarf : Vintage
Glasses : Dead Stock vintage // Earrings : vintage
Dress : Revival // Shoes : Rubi Shoes

The shoes are for maximum practically plus cuteness!

In other news, I've been such a busy lil lady and I apologise for a lil bit behind in my regular blogging but have so many new projects I can not wait to share with you plus life adventures! So stay tuned!

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