Wednesday, 9 December 2015

ADVENTURE // road trip

In October, the light of my life & I traveled from Brisbane Down to Chopped. 
(previous post full of chopped pictures)

We took our time and took two weeks doing 5 or so hours each day and stopping to enjoy the scenery as we went a long the way. Getting to hang out with your best friend for two weeks straight is amazing and we really learnt a lot more about each other and fell in love more which is the best feeling. I saw parts of Australia I had never seen, fields of flowers, beautiful rivers, long roads and empty buildings.  Ben took me to the town he grew up in and took me on a date to the movies which was so beautiful inside (we even got an upgrade to extra large popcorn because he knew the man working hehe). Spent a day in Melbourne and used the old photobooth at the train station. Ben and I are already talking about our next trip.This post will be image heavy so I hope you enjoy the lil look inside my favourite holiday so far.  

& if you got through them all, THAT'S A WRAP!


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