Monday, 9 November 2015


I went on the greatest adventure this lil lady has ever been on.
 I went across the country with my bento made some of the most amazing memories along the way. Saw things I had never seen and laughed so much my stomach hurt. I think it's best if I split this two week adventure into two or this post would go on for a long time, this post is just of chopped and one will be of the trip itself.

Chopped is a 3 day hot rod and custom event, where you get to camp next to the track, live bands play and you basically make a million new friends. Of course like any event with over 8 thousand people at there was a negative side to it but I don't wish to speak of it on my blog which is for my happy memories mainly.  Let's hope they fix the downsides next year!

Also, the food, the food was soooooooo yummy!

Ben Pinstriping, and magically fireworks went off.

At night time this shoot flames! (so freaking cool)

While packing up lil reminder of our chopped together.

See ya' later chopped it was fun! Until next year!


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