Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Miss Nikki's Back Y'all!

Hi all ya cuties!

So it's nearly been a year since my last blog post, I never meant to take such a large break but you know life happened. I have so many things to talk about, I feel I'm a new lady since last year and my last post. I finished my degree (YAY) I started my tattoo apprenticeship (will do a post on this I promise!) I Got my own car, my own website, went on a road trip across half of Australia but have not grown in height though so some things stay the same oh and still madly in love with my tall cutie pie.  I'm ready to come back to blogging, it's crazy how many of you still checked my blog regularly and I thank you all for waiting so long to hear about my lame lil life. I also spruced up my blog a little, probably have a few more changes over the next few weeks but it feels fresh and new. I'm really looking forward to posting again here, it was like a diary that I could look back on and remember all the things I had done. Stay tooned loony toons! 


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  1. Yay! So excited to see a new post! Congrats on all the accomplishments!