Thursday, 13 November 2014


So yesterday was my birthday (woo! more on that soon!) But whats a better way to spend it than trying on these wonderful hair pieces from soda sweethearts. Soda Sweethearts is a newer hair piece company by the wonderfully sweet & talented Holly. Each piece is custom made with so much sweetness you can see it! Every flower is arranged thoughtfully and attached on back with felt and a sturdy large clip these babies are not going anywhere once placed in your hair!(just what i want hehe!) She has a new range of christmas pieces which would be perfect for the festive season! 

They came in a little box via snail mail, wrapped in pink tissue paper with a sweet lil note! The box made sure they came to their new home safely. And there was even a packet of fairy floss in there for me to  nibble on while writing this hehe.

She does custom orders too! so I'd swing on over as fast as you can and snap some of these cuties up!

I received three wonderful pieces by Holly, a lil orchard clip & two big flower arrangement pieces.

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 The three beautiful pieces & the yummy fairy floss.

 This lil orchard clip is beautiful for everyday wear.

The first of the two larger pieces is this beautiful purple piece, i love the hint of whites.

 The second is this pink,orange,white and baby blue piece with large leafs to off set it, these colour work in harmony with each other and I think look amazing in my orange hair.
It actually suited my tea cake dress perfectly! I love when things match perfectly.

(How long has my hair gotten?? so great mermaid status here we come!)

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  1. Hi I just had a hair-flower piece custom made by Soda Sweethearts...looking forward to receiving it in the mail soon! :)