Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Supanova 2013: PART THREE

So this is my final post on Supanova 2013! Sorry about how long it's taken for me to post these posts a lot has changed in my personal life and work life but looking forward to a positive end of 2013 non the less. So for the third day I was the Scarlet Witch Magento's Daughter for people who is unfamiliar. She is such an amazing character and I was so excited to cosplay her. After a lot of trouble with bits for cosplay I was beyond happy it came together so great, here are some photos from the day I'm looking forward to next Aprils Supanova and cosplaying again.  

With Rogue, We should of been fighting hehe.

On the throne.

Photo by George Wong, Amazing Photographer.

It's crazy what a costume can do to your confidence
 I felt amazing.

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