Monday, 13 January 2014

RAWards! Went off with a bang!

So last friday I woke up nice and early put my hair in pin curls and got ready for the big day ahead. RAWards was about to begin, After setting up my display I went out for a celebratory dinner and back in time for the doors to open. The night was full of talking to wonderful people and meeting so many talented people. Raw has honestly changed my life by given me the confidence and networking skills to fulfil many of my dreams. I'd love to thank everyone who has supported me through coming to awards or by being there for me through thick and thin. I felt so honoured to be chosen as a Directors Highlight for 2013. It was like a little steam room in the balcony room but us cute little sausages in there survived through drinking red lemonades.

Outfit rundown.

Instagram Photo.

Top : Pinup couture | Skirt & Belt : Pinup Couture | Shoes : Offbrand

& Here I am leaning on a cuties car!

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