Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Summer Lovin fun.

With only two weeks left of my summer holidays before I'm back to 6am wake ups and studying like a little fiend for my final year of my degree, I've been really enjoying my time as much as humanly possible. The past weekend was a long weekend due to Australia day, Now why I did spend the actual holiday working in my summer job myself and my cutie did get up to a lot of fun things. We went to the drive in and saw two movies while eating m & m's, went to the antique shop and browsed all the treasures walked along the beach, went to the lake and really just enjoyed being huge dorks together and of course going for a cruise in the val. I'm trying to be a good lil documenter and have been taking a lot more photos, It's really nice to look back and see some beautiful photos of your little adventures.

 It was so windy out at the spit, that the sand was like little knives cutting you as you walked past.

Things Miss Nikki Should Do Before The Summer Lovin Is Over.

  • Draw and paint away from the computer.
  • Make an outfit on the sewing machine. (assistance is 100% okay and probably best for everyones safety)
  • Go through entire wardrobe and sell and donate all clothes not needed.
  • Kiss a lot.
  • Go to the drive in again.
  • Go skinny dipping.
  • Play dress ups. (you own A LOT of pretty clothes Nikki)
  • Enjoy doing nothing before going back to uni for your final year of your degree.

Head Scarf:  Vintage | Dress: Revival | Earrings: Lucy Luxxe

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