Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ekka, that time of year again.

In brisbane every year the smell of cotton candy and dagwood dogs comes to town along with the cutest baby animals, rides, show bags and lots and lots of people. The royal Brisbane Show know as the ekka, is held every year in August and is one of my favourite times of year. Ever since I was little I would count down the days until I went to the ekka I would read the showbag guide over and over again. This year I went with my Mumma bear as we always do, every year since I moved to Queensland as little girl. So watch out for some carnival themed illustrations because I'm totally inspired.

Here some of the cool things I got to see, I've started to try to get more use out of my nifty camera.

       Sideshow ally on sunset.

Adventure time plushes everywhere! 

Heaps More cool things like baby animals, show bags, PREDATOR!  Under the cut so Make sure to check them out

As always sad to see the ekka finish for another year, but excited non the less!

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