Monday, 28 April 2014

Lady outside the lake //lunch adventure.

The other weekend I was such a sick lil lady, but our car club group decided to go and have a BBQ in the botanical gardens up on Mt tambourine. I put on many layers of make up and drank lots of water and tea. It was a lot of fun, I was pooped by the end of the day but wouldn't live life any other way.

I sadly forgot to take photos of the actual bbq but heres some of the day
The kookaburras there were so human dependent I think, wanting all the foods.

I've been trying out new hair styles now that my hair is longer including my fringe, this bumper bang is a new fav!

Looking like a complete stalker! BUT a new valient couple has joined our lil group. YAY more friends.

& finally in Australia they decided it was easier to build a road around a tree than to cut this beautiful tree down. 

Scarf : Vintage  Dress: Bernie Dexter
Shoes: Kmart 


  1. Such a beautiful dress ( and lady) ! You almost blend into the background in that lovely number! x

    1. Oh golly! thank you so sweet. I sure did, felt like cute camo hehe