Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ring my bell!

This week I sadly caught a virus and have been pretty run down, but that has never stopped me before. One thing this year I hope to do more of is ride my bike, I think once I get a bike rack for the back of the car it'll be easily as I'll be able to take it to all the lakes and parks as my street isn't really for riding a bike sadly. This pink ball of metal makes me so happy, it's so flippin cute. The wonderful people from bike belle sent me a lil package with a super cute bell and wheel caps that look like what for it LITTLE CUPCAKES, i squealed when I opened it. 

Scarf : Vinatge  Dress: Kitten D'amour
Shoes : Target  Earrings : Lucy Luxxe

My curly Maine is always out of control. 

*The lovely people from sent me this items but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

1 comment:

  1. This dress is too cute for words and I love your hair + shoes!!
    Your bike and those little cupcake wheel caps = ADORABLE!! xoxo