Sunday, 25 May 2014

Adventure // Mimsy trailer trash day with mumma!

Lil lady Miss Nikki has undergone quite a few personal changes in the past weeks so sorry for not updating on the reg. I'm very excited for the future and these very exciting oppertunitys, I will of course share with all when the time is right!

So a little while a go my mumma bear and I for her birthday booked into to see Mimsy, From Trailer Trash Tattoo here in Brisbane. Every once and a while mumma and I book a day together to get tattoos it's wonderful mumma and daughter time and it's something I'm always going to remember. Mimsy is one of the most wonderful and inspiring people I have ever met, getting tattooed by her is a pleasure! We both got mermaids on our legs. (Mines below!) Mummas bear needs a second sitting so I'll post that when It's all finished. Mum packed a lil picnic and we had it down stairs in their lil tiki bar near their caravans, it's so cute and a lot of fun.

Next door is a battery shop and outside they have a massive battery so of course I got my photo with it for my collection of Miss Nikki with Big things.

My Mumma & I the day after but thought I'd share how cute we look.

The amazing Mimsy at work.

(Nikki with big things volume // CarBattery)

Scarf : Vintage Nylon // Cardigan : Trade Secret
Shirt : Kitten D'amour // Belt : Vintage
Shorts : Vintage // Shoes : Target
Earrings : Lucy Luxxe

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  1. I love Mimsy's work! I'm hoping i'll get to get a tattoo from her one day! Love your tattoo and think its such a wonderful tradition you and your Mum have.