Monday, 18 November 2013

Miss Nikki Turns 22

So it was my birthday last wednesday I turned 22, I absolutely love birthdays of any kind my own someone else any they are just so much fun to celebrate someone. This year I had a test so off to uni I went also not feeling a 100% after supanova I spent a lot of it resting. My wonderful parents bought me a cintiq 13HD which I've been trying to save for, for what seems like forever. I cried when unwrapping it because I could not believe they love me that much. (joking!) Sadly because I was unaware it needed adaptors for macs I have not been able to set it up yet but when I do I'll tell you guys about it! Maybe a little review.

Birthday badge : Woolworths // Shirt : Opshop 
 Skirt :Vintage // Shoes : Target

On the monday though all my friends and I sat down to some pancakes at pancake manor in the CBD. I even got a pancake with sparklers on it!  They spoilt me rotten, I got a rilakkuma bag that rilakkuma IS IN A PUMPKIN some super cute candy heart clips both from my friend Kara, A badge that says sweet heart from a dear old friend Jess and all my Uni buddies put in and got me this wonderful organizer from Kikki K I plan to do a post on it and how I organize it soon so stay posted.

Here is my amazing cake, IT'S A PUMPKIN! I love that everyone knows my love for pumpkins.
Was so yummy, actually eating a piece as I blog.

and to top off this birthday week of celebration On sunday 
I went to a buffet with the fam. Spoilt lady indeed.

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