Saturday, 16 November 2013

Trailer trash Halloween Flash day.

On the first Saturday of November Mimsy's Trailer trash Tattoo held a Halloween Flash day. A flash day for people who are not familiar is when all the tattoo artist draw up a flash sheet and have set prices for each piece and you're able to chose off of the sheet. My mum and i got up early and dressed up for it seeing as my love for halloween is on the scale at very high. I was a zombie on holiday! We bought some yummy brain cupcakes and goodie bag while we waited for our turn we got to chat to a few fun ladies. They even had a scary haunted maze which made me squeal.  

A zombie getting Tattooed by the wonderful and talented Cass.

My new lil cupie in a pumpkin, On the back of my leg.
I plan to get another on the other leg soon.

My Mumma bear came with me, She was a black cat!

Inside the hearse was some grim lil things!

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