Thursday, 21 November 2013

Supanova 2013: PART ONE

So Supanova 2013 Brisnova edition has come and gone a week or so ago now. It was three fun filled days of hanging out with friends, eating candy and COSPLAYING. I first did cosplay when I was in grade 8 this is many many years ago but after  losing confidence in myself (I've learnt to love my body so it's okay now) I never did it again, until meeting my great friend kara this year at uni who cosplays and she helped me overcome any fears I had. And you know what I'm so glad she did because it's so much fun to dress up as your favourite characters and have people come up to you and ask for photos with you because they love the character just as much.

The friday was very quiet it was nice to wander around all the stalls without being being bumper to bumper with a guy in a cloak and worrying about stepping on it. The next two days to follow were insanely busy! The heat was pretty intense and the venue could of been better (talk of it being at the convention center next year so that's wonderful) but over all it was a fun weekend.

WARNING: Image heavy because I need you all to see how amazing this weekend was.

Here is some photo's of me fangirling to start off!

Slytherin, Draco Genderbend  for the friday.

In the main vendors hall (or large tent) had some amazing figurines I'm surprised I didn't buy any of these cuties! ( That no face makes my heart melt)

( I'm just going to post all the others and mine will be posted in other posts)

Ghibli boys.

 Loki was feeling the heat.

For my post on the goodies I bought click HERE

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