Saturday, 16 November 2013

Snips and clips!

One of the biggest perks for my work is definitely all the talented people I get to work and surround myself with. Sophie, a very talented hairdresser has recently taken one of the biggest and exciting new ventures and has decided to open up her own salon! When she contacted me I could of not been more thrilled to work with someone so passionate about there work. Over many emails we chose a colour scheme and ideas and off I went to create. After a few little adjustments we had the final product which Sophie got printed.

She was kind enough to send me a few and I'm so proud of how they turned out. 

Working off a few mood boards with images provided by Sophie the red and dark teal were the chosen to be the main focus on the branding. I really enjoy being able to combine my illustrations with graphic design. All the things Miss Nikki loves in my project!

Here is the designs all finished which i sent off to
Sophie to be made into the super lovely business cards pictured above.

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