Monday, 4 November 2013

You look cute today Dwight.

Like many others I've had a love affair with the office for many years. I'm kind of ashamed to say currently I have not fully watched the last 4 episodes, mainly because I'm living in denial that it's really over. BUT! i'm currently changing that I'll be watching them this week with my boy. It's funny how we get so attached to fictional characters on a tv show, Jim and pam, Dwight even Toby (jokes).

Greta and Jocelyn two lovely ladies I've been lucky enough to work for before commissioned me recently for these Jim & Dwight alliance pieces. They were a blast to do, my love for the office is on par with my love for cake.

I think once i've taken the plunge and finished watching The office,
 I'll post my top ten office moments!

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